Online document storage and distribution


View important documents anytime anywhere


Safe and secure


Easily update documents for version control


Download receipts to track all document related activity



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No more searching the shelving, archives or computer folders. Document Locker provides 24/7/365 access to important documents wherever you are.

A secure web-based way of storing, managing and distributing documents and reports. By making documents available on-line and giving access to only those documents users need to see, save time money and confusion!

Maintain an audit trail of all document-related activity. Documents can be viewed or downloaded.

Documents are stored securely on our server running the latest standard software with the highest standards of security. Documents are only accessible by authorised users through logging onto the document locker web-application which uses the latest 32 bit security protocols.

Access to documents is only possible by authorised users. Further users can be controlled within the site as to what areas they have access to. Users can be controlled individually by the site folder and by document category.